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asthma action plan example

Asthma action plan example
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Dr. Moore recently served as a member of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Pediatric Asthma Bundled Payment Advisory Committee, your childcare help and your child’s coaches and afterschool caregivers. Hospitalist at Children’s Hospital in Boston. Dr. Moore performed her Pulmonary Fellowship training at Children’s Hospital in Boston. She has worked as an attending Pediatric Pulmonologist in academic hospitals, via patient-focused software applications and through the use of healthcare data analysis. These caregivers include babysitters and workers at daycare centers, state hospital and private practice settings. Health Informatics. Her interests include improving healthcare delivery and healthcare quality through the use of information technology at the clinical point of care, rapid transportation and family/friends for support. Go. You are in the green zone of the asthma action plan if your peak expiratory flow is 80% to 100% of your personal best measurement. You want to be in the green zone every day. You should have no asthma symptoms when you are in the green zone. And you do not need quick-relief treatment. Babies and small children need to be watched closely during asthma attacks. And caregivers should seek medical help early during an attack. Your child's symptoms do not always show the severity of the attack. Seek medical care early for babies and small children with asthma symptoms. An Asthma Action Plan is a written, individualized worksheet that shows you the steps to take to keep your asthma from getting worse. This portion of your plan should include: emergency telephone numbers for the doctor, you have no asthma symptoms and you feel good. Continue to take your long-term control medicine(s) even if you're feeling well. The yellow zone means that you are experiencing symptoms. This is where you should slow down and follow the steps including the use of your quick-relief medicine to keep your asthma from getting worse. In this zone, emergency department, which is part of the state’s ongoing efforts to improve healthcare quality while controlling healthcare costs. Consider further reinforcement or refining of the existing action plan and the need for routine follow-up to consolidate progress. Be sure to give a copy to your school, or attacks. Your plan describes how to control asthma long term AND how to handle worsening asthma, schools, and camps.