multiple forms one page

multiple forms on one page

Multiple forms on one page
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Apart from that, keep it. A login form is simple and widespread enough that users can use it without thinking, consider it first. But this just doesn't seem like the best user experience. I need to know solid reasons as to why two forms on one page is bad though. The stuff I have read says not to do it but it doesn't explain where the hang-up is exactly. I'm new to user experience and really trying to get it to take hold and shape the decisions in my company. Bill" link on our home page. The user currently lands on the page and they have a log in form with two inputs, one for username and one for password, a button below that with "Log In". This is all surrounded by a light gray border. The horizontal separation is a good idea, you're pretty safe with those two forms. If they were other kinds of forms you might not be though (think of online tax returns), so don't take this advice for every similar situation, and if you put nice big numbers by each form then you can illustrate that you have to use one form before the other.